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  • SILYNX Communications – Welcome to Poland !!! – September 29, 2014
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs Seminar on ventilation and lead poisoning – September 5, 2014
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Case Studies

Implementation of a UAV signal receiver

The UAV receiver example perfectly illustrates the biggest problems linked with Poland’s special purpose products market. End users’ contact with next-generation products is very limited. This is due to both logistical problems and legal regulations. Our main task was to illustrate the superiority of the solution offered by our client and compare it with the competition’s offer. Due to the fact that the product was a relatively new one, the task required thorough planning and preparation. We also had a limited time frame. We organized exhibitions that proved the operational effectiveness of the products. After the exhibition phase we represented our client during meetings with the buyer as the purchase required various permits. The most difficult part of the project was helping the client prepare technical documentation of the product. These documents must fulfill many precise requirements determined by the Ministry of National Defense.

Our work was a success and the receiver was introduced in the first country outside of the US.

Organization of promotional events for American companies offering special purpose products

The Polish market is not easy but it is promising. Knowledge concerning special purpose products is not as advanced as in other fields, which offers additional possibilities.

After an analysis of potential we offered a selected group of companies the possibility to participate in a conference organized by Milicon. The most important matter was the right choice of guests and eliciting the best possible response from them. Due to our substantial experience linked with trade in products requiring a concession, we selected and managed to reach the right representatives of both government agencies and privately-held companies. We also invited one of Poland’s Government Agencies to help – and this help proved to be very useful.

The conference helped US companies establish business contacts with potential buyers and increase brand recognition on the Polish market.